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BIGLab 연구실 부분이전 및 Wet lab 설치 (자연대 750호)


2020 APBC/BIOINFO 남진우교수님 "한국생명정보학회 테라젠 올해의 생명정보인상" 수상

2020. 08. 06

[논문] 윤상호, Vipin. Nature Comm. (IF 12.121) Accepted

2020. 06. 29

[선정] 기초연구실(BRL) 최종 선정, L-TER: Lab of Tumor-Immune Microenvironment-regulating lncRNA

2020. 06. 08

[선정] 연구재단 창의도전연구 과제 선정 - 손장일 박사

2020. 06. 08

[선정] 연구재단 박사과정학생 연구장려금 선정 - 이경태, 윤상호


[논문] 윤상호 elife . (IF=7.551), Accepted.


[논문] 비핀메논 Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal . (IF=4.72), Accepted.


2019년 2학기 한양대학교 대학원 박사학위 우수논문상: 유보현


“다중 참조유전체 기반 유전체 변이 검출 방법 및 구조변이 검출장치” 특허 (주) 지니너스 기술이전


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[Journal Club] August/12/2020

Mapping the physical network of cellular interactions

[Journal Club]August/05/2020

Single-cell Long Non-coding RNA Landscape of T Cells in Human Cancer Immunity

[Journal Club] July/29/2020

Pan-cancer characterization of immune-related lncRNAs identifies potential oncogenic biomarkers

[Journal Club] July/15/2020

A single-cell landscape of high-grade serous ovarian cancer

[Journal club] July/01/2020

Ribosome profiling at isoform level reveals evolutionary conserved impacts of differential splicing on the proteome

[Journal Club]June/24/2020

Single-Cell Alternative Splicing Analysis with Expedition Reveals Splicing Dynamics during Neuron Differentiation/Identification of de novo mutations in prenatal neurodevelopment-associated genes in schizophrenia in two Han Chinese patient-sibling family-based cohorts


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