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Seowon Choi

Ghofran Othorm et el.

Pan-cancer proteomgenomic analysis reveals long and circular noncoding RNAs encoding peptides

Minhak Choi

Jonathan R. Belyeu et al.

De novo structural mutation rates and gamete-of-origin biases revealed through genome sequencing of 2,396 families

Seokju Park

Robert Buschauer et al.

The Ccr4-Not complex monitors the translating ribosome for codon optimality

Kyungtae Lee

Jinyang Zhang et al.

Comprehensive profiling of circular RNAs with nanopore sequencing and CIRI-long

Dohun Yi

E. Agirre et al.

Splicing-associated chromatin signatures: a combinatorial and position-dependent role for histone marks in splicing definition

Vipin Menon

Kim Hui Kwon et al.

Predicting the efficiency of prime editing guide RNAs in human cells

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Transcriptome reconstruction